YAY! Shea and Ben had there gorgeous baby girl and she is just so dang cute and small!!! and she has the longest toes in the world!!! We finally got to go over and see her and she is fantastic so CONGRATS mommy and daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....And here is a picture if my 1st AND last do it yourself project!!! i found this shelf at a garage sell and wanted to paint it black so jen my sis in law has been so nice to let me store at there house and has been helpin me do it!!!!....anywho i have been strippin the white paint and then we will sand and paint!!!! i CANT wait till its done and in my apt!!!...but seriously i give it to all the ladies who are so dang crafty...cause i am most definatly not one of them!!!


oh WOW was this a LONG post...well what can i say SWiSS daYs was a blast!!! we shopped till we dropped and ate everything in site it was fabulous!!!!.....how ever colton won this awesome yet kinda creepy hat at swiss days we all had fun with it and took some awesome pictures....and it took my dad like 24 hours of convincing to get his picture with it on...notice he covers his face half way haha so funny. Well it was an awesome weekend and now i cant WAIT till next year!!! ...Brad the beef picture was taken in memory of you not bein there to taste it....until next year swiss days ILOVE YOU!!!!!