Seriously???? I switched teams COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM JACOB!!!! New Moon was fantastic i LOVED every minute of it!..expecially JACOB!!!!!!!!!!! oh wow dont even get me started...haha.... I went to the midnight showing with jenny and some friends...it was so fun everyone including me SCREAMING every time Edward or jacob appeared ahhh....LOVE IT and i cant wait for more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Finally after like 1o years we got a NEW family picture! YAy for us... here are a couple of them i LOVE them. FAMILY I LOVE YOU ALL!


Our day at the WOMENS SHOW!!!!

I seriously LOVE goin to the what women want show at the expo...I went withmy mom there cause Jenny was in her party gals booth! We had tonz of fun running around getting TONZ of FREE bread..all we had to do was play a game and trying on sunglasses...eating lots of food! BUT mostly i LOVE being with My mom she is definatly one of my BEST friends i ask her to hang out all the time...sometimes i think she gets sick of it haha but we have LOADS of fun together!!! MOMMY I LOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HunTinG and HalLoWeEn!!!!!!!!!!!
Dev and his best buddy byron went hunting 2 weekends ago..i think they are cRazY its freezin outside..but it looks like they had a blast..they stayed all nice and warm with a heater in the tent! AND yes that is a mountain lion track that dev showed me..i have NO idea why he showed me it just makes me have anxiety up the ying yang when he is hunting!!! OH MEN and there hunting GOTTA LOVE em!!!! No deer boys but better luke next time...:)

Halloween was lots of fun!!!! WE WERE HIPPIES!!! and i LoveD our costumes dev looked just aWeSomE....we stopped by some familys houses! Saw everyones costumes and then headed off to a partayyyY!!!!!! CANT wait till nEXT year.... SHOULdnt halloween be 2 times a year???? I vote YES!!!!!!!