Say Cheese.

One of my sisters friends was taking some Family pics for her & she snapped some of me and Dev to. These are my Favorties!!!


Be my Valentine.

On Valentines Night we went to Dinner at Ruby River with our good friends Ryan & Mandie. We always have so much fun with them. Devin & Ryan always talk Hunting, while Mandie & I talk Greys Anatomy and Bachelor! SO fun!!! And I must say I had the BEST steak that night! I Highly recommend it! :)

Devins Annual BIG cookie!!!!
I LOVE VALENTINES DAY!!! Its such a fun excuse to be silly and have fun! And I must say I have the Cutest Valentine in all the land! 


SOOOO much BiRthDaY FUN!!!!

Ok ok I know this picture is way cheesy but i couldnt resist...plus its my Birthday!!!! :) On my Birthday Dev woke up and made my FAV pancakes that his mom makes..Oatmeal pancakes with this syrup that is to DIE for i LOVE it!!! I took a picture of these pancakes but then I must have deleted it...so sad I wanted to share how yummy they are. Any who then later we went to my FAV. donut store and got a dozen of my Sprinkeld donuts YUM YUM. Then we went to Red Iguana 2 for dinner. I love that place it was so yummy I have been craving it ever since now. And then after dinner we went to the circus! How fun is that???? It was such a fun day and the Circus was a BLast it was the one in south jordan. We were kinda scared that it wouldnt be that good, but it ended up being SO awesome!!! Jaren and I rode the Camel and an Elephant, got our picture with a Giant bear, got his face painted and more!!! I dont think I could have had a FUNNER Birthday this year!!! PLUS I got to celebrate it like 4 times. :)
Then my Bestest Bud-my right hand man-my GO to girl-my other half-and the COOLEST gal around SAV ;) pulled a fast one on me and threw me a little suprise party!!! Michelle and Chant and Carrie all came!!!!!It was so much fun they all brought lots of YUMMY food and we all piged out and then watched the Bachelor! These girls are so much fun and I LOVE hanging with them!! SO thanks for the good time and the suprise----its hard to pull off a suprise with me!!! So congrats Sav Cat and THANKS :)
Wade Birthday party for me and Dev!!!
On devs Birthday ( which he turned 25) which is SOOO wierd by the way....we have known eachother for almost 10 years...crazy??? YES!!! We are getting older together and its so fun but so wierd!!!! I love him more and more every year!!! He is always so happy and makes me laugh so much! SO we went to kneaders for there French toast breakfast....SO good by the way. And then we went up the canyon and ate dinner with our BUDS Wren and Sav. As you can see in the above pic. dev really enjoyed the pizza!! What a FUN day!!! HAPPY BDAYYYYYYYYY

Right before devs bday we got together with the Leonard family to celebrate ALL the Birthdays in Jan. Devins Mom and Dad, Ashley & Aaron, Dev and mine! LOTS of bdays!! Lynette gave me and ashley those cute head bands!!! And doesnt baby AJ look just so cute when devin is holding him!!!!


Must see

I just finished watching this movie today. It was SO good and i cried my eyes out :) I LOVE Jennifer and Betty they are amazing actors!!! If you didnt see this hallmark movie GO look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I always cry in hallmark movies AND in the commercials to its out of control but i Love it!!!!!