Me and dev went FIsHIn sunday!! and i was scared we were goin to leave empty handed!! but right before we left we caught 2 fish!!! well i guess dev caught them but i ReALed those babies in!!!!i LOVE fishiN!!!


My first time in a helicopter was actually a good one!! although i ReALLy was scared for my life!! After Ryan and Mandies reception they got picked up in this awesome helicopter and got taken off to there hoNeYmOoN. And we got to ride in it after it was pretty sweet!!! tHanKs gUyS!!!!
Mandie and Ryans Wedding was last night!!! They had it at this cute little red barn it was so cute i LOVED it!!! ConGrAtS you 2!!!!!!

Me and Dev just hangin out by the pond at our friends wedding!! It was such an awesome day!!!