Time to catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct. 25th ......8 years since our first "date". I love this man he is so awesome!!!!

Words cannot express how happy I was to be with Chads kids again!!!!! They are such fun kids and we all missed them SO much! We had alot of fun being with them. We played games, went to the park & went fishing, carved pumkins, went bowling, relaxed, made cookies etc. So fun! :) :) :)

Last week I took Jaren to go see some Elk. He was SO excited and he could have stayed there for hours. But as you can see he was not happy when we left. Dont worry J ill take you again :)
Janae and I in wendover!!!! I went with her and some of her work friends-We drove the fun bus. My advice, dont do it!!!HA ;)...We had SOOO much fun but the bus ride was kinda horrible!!!. It was still a blast though. Thanks nae nae :)

Dev got a mountain goat tag this year and he was SOOO excited. It was in beaver and he went down there a couple times before the hunt started to scope everything out!!! When the hunt started he and his Dad, Billy, Dallas, and his 2 nephews Andrew and Braeden were there with him! I drove down for a visit with Lynette and the boys. It was a short but fun trip and im glad I went!!! Dev ended up with this monster goat!


Vegas Anyone?

Last weekend some friends and I went to Vegas!! Chants husband planned it and it was so awesome and MUCH needed it came at a perfect time to get away and have fun!!! We ate out ALOT and went shopping, layed out, we went dancing which was SOOO fun! It was a blast so THANKS girls i had a blast! ALSO we went to Serendipity which was AWESOME they have huge donuts....and if you know me....u KNOW i love donuts :) it was wonderful and they were so yummy and huge...I always like to share everything with dev so of course i had to pack him one home which he really enjoyed!!! But i LOVE girls weekends they are SO needed and so fun!!! Till next time VEGAS WE LOVE YOU!!!!!