Valentine Tradition!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago dev gave my mom some roses for valentines and ever since its been a fun tradition that they do every year!!! and my MOM absolutly LOVES it and as you can tell she enjoys it very much!!! Mom we love U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My bestest friend and Valentine!!!! XOXO>>> HAPPY VALENTINES!!!!



We went to classic skating (our fav place to go together:) ) For Devs Max's and my birthday!!! We did not know it was a school night there and TONZ of kids were there!!! It was a bit crazy but we still had fun!!! They were spray painting hair SO of course....the adults that we are...me ben and chad HAD to join in on the fuN!!!!


Baby James

Last week i watched James my friend Pearls baby!!! He seriously was so cute!! I was kinda affraid that he might cry but he didnt!!! We stopped by the cleaners and then he had a play date with Jaren!!!!.....I might say though i GIVE it to all the moms out there cause its dang hard work loading and un loading babies in the car!!! :) but it was so fun!!!!



YAY!!! Yesterday was my bday!! The other night we went dancing with some friends which was SO much fun..and i am getting to be a better dancer BOO YA!!!!! Any who we got some lunch and then went down to alpine and got my FAV cupcake its SOOOOO good i am not even kidding, just look at that baby!!! Then we went to olive garden and bowling! So fuN!!! YA 4 BirtHdaYS!!!