Well we have had quite the events lately!!! Last week we went to our Friends Byron and Bries wedding in idaho!! It was SO much fun goin down there-me and dev actually really enjoyed the ride together!! they got married at the idaho falls temple the whole day was just awesome!!! Acouple days ago we went to a rodeo with ryan and mandie and hangin with them is always fUN! La CaSita!! wOO WOO!! lASTnight on the 24th we went to the Kellie Pickler concert! and honestly she is AmAzIng! i am pretty much obsessed with her now!!!it was SO much fun and i can not wait to go when she comes back to utah!!!!! ;)


And i thought i was gonna die on the tub!!! here is dev doin his thang' on the wake board!!!! He is AwEsomE at it!! but he fell a little hard and got a bloody nose!!

Last week we went to Flaming Gorge with devs family we all had so much fun boating fishin and just hangin out!
fishin boatin and pLayIn!!!


My family just went on a vacation to MonTaNa and we all had so much fun we did so much stuff we went fishing, hiking, canoeing, shopping, helicopter flying!! and more it was a blast and i cant wait to go again!! we stayed and this cute little house that had 3 different houses and it was awesome for our family!!!
are you kIDdINg me?? look at this view!!! it really was amazing!! and the river was goin SO fast and stong i was freaked we woulld fall iN!!!!

helicopter ride!! my dad suprised us and paid for us to go!! IT WAS so FUN!!! we flew over Glacier MOuntain and it was quite a site!!!
view from the helicopter ride!!! i have some better ones that i will post later!!!

MonTaNA!!! its so pretty there!!!


SO FUN!!!!
tIm McGrAw concert!! we all had SO much fun!!! i have never been to a concert on the grass but it was a blast and i CAN not wait to go again!!

sNOw ConES