Wow!!!! I really cant even put into words how AweSOmE my christmas eve was!!! First off we found out we WOULD indeed get to spend time with Chads kids on christmas which mad me SO happy!!!! Then we found out one of my best friends will be having a baby boy!!! And then of course there was the Proposal!!! I really did NOt think it would happen...dont get me wrong i wanted it to SO bad!!! Well we went to devs parents on christmas eve morning for an awesome breakfast!!! But we needed to leave by a certain time cause my "dad" had rented a snowmobile. So off we went up to get the snow mobile and to the cabin...by the time the boys(aaron and dev) had gone off for a snow ride i had started to feel a little sick and did NOT want to go on a ride...However when dev came back he was just like come on lets go....he talked me into it while dressing me in my snow suit as in the above picture!!! wE went for a wonderful ride up the mountain and came to a dead end over lookin the midway city. The view was serioulsy breath taking!!!! Dev said look sara there is some deer!!! of course i could not see it until i looked more and saw all the roses in the snow it was SO wonderful and amazing!!! He got down on his knee and asked!!! It was amazing and the PeRfEct proposal i LOVE him SO much and cant wait to be his Wife!!!!! Thanks to all my friends and family for being so excited along with me i LOVE you all!!!!!! I hope you all had a Merry christmas!!!!


This time of year is my FAV. Because you get to spend extra time with your freinds and family!!! i LOVE you all and Wish you a MErrY ChRistMas!!!!


haha...ok this post is a little wierd and random... but me and dev decided to cone his ears...is it supposed to be that on fire???????well who knows it was quite fun but the sad thing is it didnt even WORK!!!! my brother got them from di and then i took them..hahah so maybe next time?!?!?!


My family has a tradition every year to go to a christmas play!! this year we went to Deseret Star Theater..it was so fun and the popcorn was
delightful!!! however devin got asked to dance on stage and he passed the buck right on to ben!!! it was SO funny to see him up there dancin a fool'!!!!