Sometimes Devin says just the most funniest things i have ever heard.....My brother brad was on this Seabiscuit kick...he just watched an documentary on the horse and was just fascinated...SO dev comes and visits us at work and Brad says " have you heard of seabiscuit" and dev goes " oh Ya isnt he a rapper or something." (and he was dead serious) Me and brad just BUST out laughing so hard....Seriously at the moment and even know as i type this was SOO funny! Oh Dev i love you. your always making me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Devs new nickname is SEABISCUIT DA RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!


DEVS B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY! Today is Devins 24th Birthday!!! Oh my gosh we are getting old man its crazy!!!! Today i took dev rock climbing and then we got massages it was SO wonderful! I LOVE him so much!!! He is my favorite person and my Best friend! Im so happy to be his wife!!! I LOVE YOU DEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dev and one of his best buds billy(as seen in the bottom photo) have been working on this online hunting magazine! It pretty awesome its hardymagz.com! They got a booth in the gun show to put there name out there...and seriously i liked there booth the best! :) They will be in the hunting expo in march and i cant WAIT to go to it they are so fun! There is tonz of salsa and beef jerky there! MY 2 fav things in the WORLD!!! They have been working so hard on it and i love seeing the progress! GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!


NeW YeArS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY! For new years this year we went to Wendover with our Friends Curley& courtney and there friend bev! I was a hesitant to go but ended up having a lot of fun!!! Now i just need to learn to play cards for next time!!! so WATCH out wendover!!!!!!!!!!!;)


I WANNA BE AN AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LA LA LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought i would but its pretty much AWESOME and i cant WAIT to see it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!