March fun!!!

My friend Janell and I went to the Lady Gaga Concert and it was SO FUN! We rode tracks down which i Loved ( I havent gone on tracks in a long time) It was a way fast ride and totally fun! There was alot of CraZy dressed people there which made it a unique and fun concert to go to! I highly recommened her concert! She sounded awesome and is all about Self confidence and being who you are!! And I LOVED that!!!

We went to the Living planet Aquarium in sandy! It was actually quite fun!! Lots of differnent spiders and bugs and turtles and sharks!! So fun!! And Jaren is such a cute pie****


:) ;) :)

Janell and I at the Ke$ha concert! It was a crazy night and we had a Blast!!!!! Kesha was a little to Ghetto for my liking BUT it was still so fun!!!!
MaKayla and I at a Jazz game!! I have so much fun with her she is my Best Buddy!!!
The hunting dinner Auction. This is so fun to go to cause we get to see the INSANE amount of $ that people spend on Hunting Tags!



TRAVIS!!!! ISNT he such a Cutie??? I LOVE when he sleeps like this!!!
Sometimes I catch Jaz watching Tv. SO cute!!! She enjoys tv just like her Momma!!!!
A couple weeks ago my niece came over for a Sleepover ( doesnt she look so cute with all her luggage)
We always have so much fun! We stopped by my friend Paiges house, she had just got her new cute puppy Molly! Brynlee loved her as you can see in the pic! Then we went to good wood for dinner and came home and made cookies and watched a movie!! So fun! 
                                                                      Jazz game!!!