FINALLY SwisS daYs is almost here!!!! it is quite a big event for my family!!! we absolutly LOVE iT!!!! there is really nothing like eatin shoppin and hangin out under the trees!!!! WOO WOO!!! Ben and i have decided the first thing we will eat is the navaho taco!!!!(spelling?!?!) any wHO it will be so fun just as it is every year!!!


We had LOTS of cake this last week cause it was my Grandmas Birthday and BENS!!! so H-APpy B-Irt-Day!!! ben that one was expecially for you!!!! HAHAHA ......shea says come hither....


We went boatin with the kids and we had SO much fun!! Makayla was AmAzInG and the first time tryin the wake board she just POpped up like a pro!!! Dev was our captain of course except when chad drove-and i was scared for my life when he drove!!!


YES!!! i just got the NEW book and i am SOOO excited!!! i AM OFF to EDWARD LAND!!!!