Fathers Day Weekend!

What a FUN fathers day weekend we had! We went up with some of devs family to Strawberry to go camping...We shot bows, went fishing, played horse shoes, rode 4 wheelers and more! It was lots of fun! Then we headed to midway for fathers day with The Wade family which was way fun to...It was my brilliant idea to make a home made slippin slide which we did and it was FANTASTIC! We had a bbq rode 4 wheelers and dev showed all the little kids how to shoot a bow it was WAY fun! So HAPPY FATHERS DAY to our 2 Awesome dads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well last weekend we went out to Tooele to ride horses with devins Mom! It was so fun and relaxing we really enjoyed it! AND i pulled muscles inmy back i DIDNT even know i had!!! It hurt so bad the next day!!! But we had a great time and cant wait to go again! Thanks Lynette~


Pretty much AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!! Thats right i Finally met TOM DELONG from Ava/boxcar/blink182! I have LOVED him since i was like 12! I was so excited toget VIP tickets with my friend Sarah! We got to go backstage and listen to the sound check get a shirt and meet them and have them sign a cd!!! Lets just say i was in heaven!!! It was AWESOME! And Tom and the WHOLE band are way MORE AWESOME than i EVER imagined...I had seriously SO much fun! Thanks WING MAN you ROCK!!! AND AVA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!