JULY FUN-NESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute little guy!!! its like a deer and a squirrel mixed!!!!!!ha!

We went to the zoo last week and it was SO hot hence me and jaren sharing the ride!!! haha dev was so kind to pull us most the way! It was so much fun i havent been to the zoo in forever and we saw baby Zuri she was SO cute!!!!

Draper days is always SO much fun i LOVEit! On Fri night Collin Raye had a concert and it was awesome he was SO good live!!! AND after the concert i told my dad i wanted to go try and get him to sign a cd for me and my niece so he worked some majic and we got to go in his trailer and he signed our cds it was so fun!!! Thanks dad!!!! The next night sat. there was an Oldies band that played that was pretty rockin'! Me and dev took jaren on some adventures through out draper days and as u can see he was very pleased ;) we had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this picture of Jaren and Dev not just the cutest thing ever? We went to the draper rodeo with my mom and i walked up and they were standing like that!!! I hurried and snapped a pic! Us 4 had a lot of fun watching the rodeo and eatin snow cones!!!!

On July 3rd our cousin Kevin had a fun event at his house! We missed this last year so i was so thrilled to go this year! As you can see there was a HUGE slip n slide which was SO awesome! The guys played volleyball and everyone just chilled and ate food which is my FAV thing to do in life ;)


Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday while working hard at CVC we had a lady drop by some clothes She tells me i need these by today they are for a concert tomorrow...they are Paul Mccartneys clothes. Hold on i say ill grab the manager. No pressure right???? HAHA but WHAT a fun day we had at the cleaners! It made are day pretty exciting! My mom is a HUGE fan and was literally Tickled pink to come and clean and press his clothes. She even started crying which was quite funny and we were all laughing with her ...as seen in the picture above (and i know you dont have to tell me i would be so mad if someone took a pic of me crying) but this was just to funny! It got even more exciting when we found a guitar pick in his pocket. AH my mom was in heaven it was an AWESOME DAY!!! Sir paul YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!


June 25th :) ;) :)

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right our own hot tub!!! thats how we ROLL!!!!

The weekend of June 25th was our 1 year Anniversary! And i CANT believe its been a year already! Time just flies by so fast! Dev and I went up to Midway for the weekend. We did some shopping in Park City and did the roller coaster there which was awesome!!! It was SOO nice to get away for a couple days!!! And our last night there we called up our Best buds Sav and Wren to see if they wanted to come up and stay with us! They did and it was so much fuN! We all had fun doing all sorts of things...swimming and playin frisby...hangin out and goin out to eat!!!
It was a blast so thanks sav and wren for chillin' with us :) ....
I am so lucky to have dev he is so awesome and funny. I love being with him and having mini vacas are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!1 year down and 99 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!