Little Peeps.

Could this be any cuter? I think not. Macie and Dev just hanging out!

Reeses Pieces-Such a cutie and always happy!!!
Kyle asked me for a marker, some paper and some tape. AND this is what he made a computer and a lap top! I was blown away and laughed so hard when I turned around and saw his creation. He is such a creative little guy!!!
Here are a couple of my FAV pics I have taken lately!!! I Love all the Little people in my Life. They brighten my day. And I love spending time with all of them. You can be in the worst mood and one of them will say or do the Funniest thing ever!!! Jaren and Bubba are always playing together! Look at there cute faces they are so happy playing together!!



I have always secretly disliked having 2 cats. Im not a huge other peoples cat person..BUT I LOVE our cats!!! We have had them for so long that they are our BesTesT friends! Trav is my boyfriend and Jaz is devins girlfriend. So last Fri afternoon I noticed Jaz was hiding a little to good. I couldnt find her anywhere...by fri night I told dev she was M.I.A.! We were so sad...the only way she could have gotten out was by falling off the balcony ...We seriously could NOT sleep that night it was so sad. We knew Jaz was out with the wild with NO front claws. I was so scared and sad for her. Dev and I and my mamma took turns roaming the area searching and calling for Jaz. And dont worry animal control is closed all weekend. So first thing Monday morning I called all the animal places around here. Dev called his friend Billy and he so nicely made us those AWESOME flyers!!! They are awesome dont you think???? They are seriously the best quality flyer ive ever seen haha! Any who...My friend from the cleaners Miranda & Momma Mary, Ben and Shea and there kids came over and we all passed out flyers to my APT. and the other ones around us!! ANNNDD about an hour later after a couple false calls a guy in my same building had her!!! She had curled up on his porch and he was giving her milk and provided her with a heater and a blanket on his porch!! WHAT a neighbor right!!! I took Jaz home she was SOOO hungry and ate her favorite canned food so fast. Travis follwed her everywhere she went & they just kept staring at eachother it was so cute. They really love eachother! SO thanks so MUCH to my friends and family who helped it means SOOO much to me and Devin.
Devin in now back in heaven with his little JazzySpaz....and I am so happy our family is back together...I will never not like having 2 cats cause they are our babies. And our family isnt complete unless it is all 4 of us :)


naughty & nice

He is such a stud muffin!
So yesterday morning I wake up. Then grab travis for a snuggle..he starts to purr so sweetly in my ear and then BAM he grabs my diamond earing in his mouth and swallows it!!! AHHH seriously he did it so fast i couldnt even react!! I was laughing so hard-but I was so mad-My only pair of diamond earings and the other half is in his stomach!!! I called the vet they said he would either poop it out OR he might need surgery!! I went and got him 2 of his FAV. canned food. And the next morning me and my yellow gloves found GOLD!!!---Dont worry i cleaned the earing SOOOO good after!! I think it even sparkles more now ;)...I love travis to death but  if he ever does that again then he will be in HUGE trouble!!!!