its ok to stare......

Last week Sarah and I heard that Jesse Metcalf (known for his roles in Desperate housewives and John Tucker must die)....was going to be appearing at Allure! So we thought lets go!!! We ended up having SO much fun! And let me just say he is as beautiful in person as he is on the screen..mmhmmm...:)


Reeses Pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY Reeses Pieces is ALMOST here! And i cant WAIT to call her that!!!
We had a baby shower for jen and it was awesome!!! There was awesome food and fun family and a random lady....:) we gotta remember that one it needs to go down in the books...oh mary you are to nice but thats why WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jen was even nice enough to let me and jenny pin rattles and binkies all over her shirt..which really ended up being quite amusing!!! The shower was a success and so much fun. Well baby Reese we cant WAIT to meet you!!!!!


Well Easter has come and gone!!! It really is one of my favorite holidays!!!! Theres lots of food and candy and treats its the BEST!!!!! This year we had the Wade easter egg hunt at the house not the cabin...which was kinda wierd...but still fun!!! And the Leonard easter egg hunt was at devins sister amys!!!! I love holidays cause u get to spend extra time with familys! Cant wait till next year :)



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAV!!! ....So March 26th is "make up your own hoiday day" and i have never figured out the day i got travis BUT i know i have had him for 8 human years!!! He is the joy and the light of my life!!! haha but seriously he is awesome! SO thats his new and forever birthday! YEA trav! Mary and I had a little party...he got his new toy.... and tuna fish...and a bowl of milk it was QUITE the party let me tell ya! Any birthday comments to him and i will gladly let him know ;)