On sat night me and dev went to our fav. mexican place La Costa and then headed over to the Toby Keith concert!!! it was SO much fun and dev suprised me with closer seats than what i thought!! We were 7th row and SO close it was Awesome!!!


Last weekend we went camping with devs parents and had SO much fun-just fishing eatin and hangin around the campfire! We went up to payson lakes and its AwEsOme up there and so pretty!!!


Last night me and my fav. couz, chels, and kynslie all went to the meg and dia concert it was SO fun!!! me and jen were a little star struck when we met them....it was Awesome and we got some fun pictures!! as jen said that night WOO WOO!!!!!

Wow so swiss days has come and gone.....SAD!!! we had so much fun i love it!!!!