How am i so lucky?????to have the most wonderful boyfriend and mother in the world???!!!!...........On the 25th me and dev celebrated our 6th year Anniversery!! ;) i gave him an old ticket from our past as a gift and it had gotten lost...you would NOT believe what they did to get it back for me! I have never had someone do what they did for me and i feel SO blessed to have both of them in my life. They are THE BEST!!!!!! i LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!


HaPpY BiRtHdaY ManDIe!!!!! We all went to dinner at Tucanos (very yummy mashed potatoes) and then of course after dinner how could we NOT get carmeled apples!!?! they are SO good-After that we went to the haunted forest and that really was pretty dang scary so NO more haunted houses for me this year ;)


HALLOWEEN IS NEAR!!!! These are the last 3 years of our halloween celebrations...As you can tell we LovE halloween! And i love dressing up-i think its SO fun and dev is usually a pretty good sport about it....some might say wearing tights makes you less of a man i say it MAkeS you a man ;) wonder what we will be this year???? you will have to wait and see!!!!!


HaPpY BiRthDAy Sav-This post is dedicated to you ;) i hope you had an awesome birthday!!!!...S-BOb...


tRipLE date!!! SO fun!!

We had a girls day this weekend which was SO fun my mom, jenny, makayla, mae, megan, bailey and i all went to my moms church and made Awesome christmas and halloween decorations it was SO fun and then after we spoiled ourselfs with pedicures...mae looks so cute in that big chair!!!!


Last night me and dev went to the Angels and Airwaves/Weezer Concert!!! I bought us the tickets and of course ended up with not so great seats!!! Well on the other hand Jen and Brad had AWESOme seats-the front row on the seating seactioN!! so we went down to say hello before Angels played....and then me and dev came up with a plan to sneak on the floor!! i was SO scared but we got the PeRfEct oppurtunity and we made our RUN for it!!! haha it was so much fun we jumped around and LOVED it!!!! ...p.s.....TOM i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)