YAY!!!! Easter is coming and Seriously on of my FAV holidays!!!! My fam does an AWESOME easter egg hunt at my cabin that seriously is SO fun and also i just LOVE making up dev a fun cool basket!!! i wonder what i can get for him this year???? any who I am so excited and just love this Holiday!!!


K so this last weekend i went with dev to the Hunting Expo...and Greatly to my suprise it was alot of fun i got some cool salsa mix and WAY good sour cream powder stuff(you mix it in sour cream or put it on potatoes or veggies) and seriously its some good stuff and they had jewlery booths. They definatly have booths to keep the women entertained i recommened it ;)also they had this fishing game were you reel in and catch a fish-its just a machine though any who its WAY hard and hurt my gut when i tried to reel it in!! man did i have a big fish on that line haha ...and in the above picture you can see devs dad goin at it tryin to catch a big boy!!!!


Are you kidding me????? YES...wait NO!!! I am NOT i am so excited about this i cant stand it!!! As you all know dev is an avid and obsessive hunter..His story about his deer Houdini was a lOng CrAzy two year adventure!!! ...He wrote a story about this deer and MADE the cover of Eastmans!!! He Loves hunting and i am SO proud of him :) You can get the magazine at Sportsmans Warehouse!!!! any who i thought this was pretty dang awesome!!!!
and CHECK out the RACK on that thing!!!!!! haha