niCkLEbacK.....k so since there last cd i have become OBSSESSED...i love them. Anywho me and dev said when they came we were SO goin to the concert..well we found out 2 days before and dev jumped on gettin us some sweet tickets and i was SO excited it was so much fun....the singer is a bit crazy ...but none the less we had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well FinaLLy here they are FOLKS!!!! HONEYMOON PICS!! We went to kauai and seriously i WANT TO MOVE THERE!!! It was FaBuLouS!!!! We loved every minute of it and had SO much fun!!! We lounged at the beach...we Ate ALOT!!!!!! ....went on a catamaran...zip lining and more!!! I cant Wait to go back!!!!!! I have more pics but for now this is it!!! PeaCE-