ChrIsTmAs tImE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Family of 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEA!!!!! I went with my friend paigey to see her new town home in day break!!! And i entered a drawing for a IPOD and WON!!!! I felt SOOO lucky!!! It was pretty much awesome! SO THANKS to day break and thanks to paige and thanks to my mom who came with me to pick it up!!!!

FUN IN TOOELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Id like to thank Bryn for being our #1 supporter!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Ugly Chirstmas Sweater party at Danas!!!! It was fabulous and the food was SOOO good Dana made cafe rio pork burritos...and seriously it was better than cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And our Ginger Bread contest baby!!!!!!!! Aaron and jenny may have one the contest on christmas day BUT WE WON at our BIG family PARTY!!! YYEAAA!!!!! Id like to thank dev for the genious idea of the candle...and also dr laura ( as seen in the window of our ginger bread house)

Christmas Eve at the Leonards!!! It was so fun and quite eventful since the power went out for HouRs!!!!!!!!!...Only in Tooele it takes like 10 hours to fix the power ;)

Garys ugly sweater christmas party!!!! THESE parties are my FAV!!!!

Scrooge Play!! So fun AND they have the BEST cookies EVER!!!!!!!!! THANKS MOM & DAD!!!!!!!!!!


Trav LovEs tissue paper...he is so dang cute!!!!!

FinallY!!!! I had alot to blog!!! so this last month has been CrazY!!!! One of my bEsteSt Friends EVER! Got married!!!! We had a bachlorette party for her which was SO fun! Her wedding was SO wonderful and she looked SO gorgeous(there will be more pictures of the day to come)! Also Thanksgiving at the cabin with my fam was Fabulous and i ate SO much!!!! ALso i had to include a picture of my Amazing wonderful and smart ...CAT!!! I love trav so much! Seriously!? Icant even explain my love for him haha!!! but he and jaz have connected well and they now LOVE eachother!!! ..TTFN.....More posts to come.......