SpOrtSmaNs ExpO

Wow what a fun LONG weekend we had!!! Dev and his crew had a Hardymagz booth at the expo! And i was there everyday for a couple hours and really enjoyed helping out what i could AND roaming around trying beef jerky, breads and salsas!! YUM! and i found the HOTTEST beef jerky thats SO good! Love it!!! They had the cutest little puppies there..jaren bryn and I almost ran off with one ;) ...Cant wait till the next expo. Thanks to family and friends who helped at the booth U ROCK!!!!!!!!


are you wearing GREEN?

Last night me and my mom got a sweet cravin for some sugar cookies!!! SO we made a small batch:) We never do st. pattys day cookies but this year i guess we started the tradition!!! After all we need these cookies about every 2 months cause there SOOO good. The frosting is JUST Divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Marymommy for makin cookies with me!!! and after all she is part irish!!!! :) and HAPPY PATTYS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So this morning i wake up and half still asleep i walk into devs bathroom(which toilet doesnt work) and there is a suprise in there...half shocked i call devin and said what happened??? he says i have no idea thats wierd sara i think someone is in the house...things had been moved around on my shelf to i notcied a deer horn on top of our shelf but i assumed it was dev...i am SO freaked out at this time cause i borrowed a movie from my brother and it had gone missing and i told dev "so what someone came into our house and took the dvd" .....then as i am in my pjs standing by my front door i see devs old cell phone on top of these bronze deers we have.... and by this time dev has left work thinking someone is IN our apt....i say DEVIN WHY DID YOU PUT UR OLD CELL PHONE ON TOP of the deer thing ....devs says ok GET out of the apt im almost home ....I was SOOO scared and about to call the cops!!!!!!!!!!! Then it occured to dev it MUST be a brother of mine....i called him and said EITHER admit to all of the above or i need to call the cops. His admition made me calm and now that i think about it it is quite dang funny...he had taken my key and did all that stuff as payback...which was probably deserved on my part!! BUT now i need to think of some SERIOUS payback!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing about "paybacks" is that its a re occurance..so WATCH ur back BRO!


Our new additions!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it that a new shelf can bring so much happiness....I had been looking for a little wood coffee table and finally found THE perfect one at a mattress store by my house! Then i found the black shelf at DI and added some spray paint and YEA!!! The apt is slowly but surely looking like a home! I still need to go to rod works and tai pan agaiN! YAY more shoppiNG for me!!!!!!!!!!


DeVinS DeViL cRePe'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah man seriously these are SO good..and really i cant believe devin has never made them for my family. The filling is JUST lots of butter, whip cream and brown sugar.....SO sunday we all got together and dev "did his thang" he is so good at making this kind of stuff and MAN were they YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!