Much Wind? HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my fav. parts of our vaca was watching dev play basketball with his little friends. His teammate is the little guy in the white shirt. The kid was thrilled dev picked him to be his teammate. And it was so fun to watch them!!! They had a tournament and dont worry devs team WON!!!!

Every Single night before dinner we each would eat 2 of these divine rolls with ALL that butter and Diet coke with extra Lemon!!! It was our cruise ritual. To many carbs though im glad thats over!

These tacos and nachos were the BEST food we had the whole trip!!! From a little shack in Belize :)

Cave Tubbing in Belize. We went on about a 20 minute hike, and then did some cave tubbing it was quite the adventure!!!

Who doesnt want to POP out of a cake?

This was our cab driver in Conzumel. He was SO nice and gave us an awesome tour of the Island.

Cow. Theres a story there.

Cozumel.This pic. was taken for my family. Inside joke. They each will get a copy.

In Cozumel we Swam with the Dolphins. And of course dev is like a pro at it!!! The dolphins were so cute and soooo smart!!!

Shopping, eating and having fun on the Cayman Island!

Formal night. Dev looked so handsome in his tux. We dont get dressed up often so it was so much fun!!!!This is how I travel! Pretty attractive eh?Jaz wanted to come with us she kept getting in our suitcase!!!!!!!!!


Christmas eve

Bryn loves doing my make up:)

Later that night we went to my parents house for the rest of christmas eve! We played our christmas exchange game. And hung out for a while! Im still cravvvvinnn my moms christmas cookies cause i didnt get any this year! Then later on we went home and packed for our vaca!!! It was a busy busy chirstmas but lots of fun!!!!

Christmas Eve afternoon we went to Devs sister Amys house for dinner and festivities!! Everyone brought an ornament for exchange it could be a silly one or Christmas one! It was way fun to do and DEV ended up with the deer horn! It was fate :)

Christmas eve morning we opened presenets!!! There is dev opening his awesome majic kit and Trav and Jaz love there present from santa!!!