Two Free Handmade Pillows For Giveaway!

Hi guys. Cami with All Things Lovely is doing a way cute giveaway starting Tuesday, May 31 through Friday, June 3, for the two handmade pillows above, made by Savannah with Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts. They are really cute!  Anyway, these could be yours for free by doing a few simple things, so easy, you gotta go check it out! PLUS, her blog is awesome, you'll love reading it!  She's hilarious and has the cutest ideas, you should really follow it!



My sister in law Shea and I took a CNA course every night for about 3 weeks. We had so much fun and I really enjoyed it. We had the BEST class and an Awesome teacher Dawn!!! We had the funnest class to!  Every night I looked forward to it. I learned alot of new things. At the end of our classes we had to work In a Nursing home for 2 days. Luckily Shea was with me and we were with eachother threw the experience. And I actually enjoyed the work. Then we had to take our State Test and I was SOOO nervous but I passed with flying colors WAHHOOO!! Now its job searching time!!!

For some reason I could not turn this picture around. But this is a pretty sweet picture so I must share.

Shea Bay doin her thang!!!!
Dev made me Pancakes the night I was DONE with clincals I was SOOO happy!

This is my lovely friend Brooke.



My Mommy and I on Mothers Day. How can I serve you MaryDawn?
Dev and his Mom! We got her this plant holder and I loved it some much I went and got me one 2! I love any Holiday but I really do Love mothers day. Such a fun day to share and be with family!
These are my Special friends....taking a "Special" picture on a special day!!!! Love you all AND Im so happy we captured the moment!


Easter Fun

My mom always makes this easter cake every year and I love it! So this year she helped me make another one for Devins family! Its so cute and so much fun. Easter wouldnt be Easter with out the cake!!!!!!!!!!
Cute Chloe! She even shared her glasses with grandpa!
We took Jaren with us this year for Devins family easter sunday. And he had so much fun. They have a couple horses, 4 dogs and a cat. SO that made Jaren very happy!
I am a avid fruit snacks eater-healthy or non healthy I LOVE them all.
Cute Grandma and Nanny
The Easter Line!

All this Hostess stuff is for Devins Bear Bating. Kinda sad...the bears come in for a treat and then BAM. But any way we had fun taking some pictures in the goodies...Ben obvioulsy enjoyed it the most.

Our easter baskets!!! I got dev alot of random stuff...some colonge and shampoo and alot of candy!!! Dev got me my FAV> donuts and pancake goods!!!! YUM-Easter Baskets are the best!!!!